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Workshops available to all AACC employees are listed below. Please note that pre-registration is required prior to workshop start date. The Center may cancel a workshop that lacks sufficient enrollment, so we encourage employees to register at least three (3) business days prior to the start date.

Unless otherwise determined by the instructor or program requirement, participants must attend 80% at a minimum of the workshop's time for successful completion. Thank you.

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Course Title


XDV-332 AACC Accessibility Overview Available
XOR-100 Adjunct Faculty Onboarding Available
XOA-162 Authentic Assessment: Beyond the Multiple Choice Question Available
XFD-413 Book Study: Burnout Available
XDV-616 Caring For and Supporting Adjunct Faculty Available
XOA-168 Course and Section-Level Data Discussions - Analysis and Use of Data Not Currently Available
XOA-167 Course and Section-Level Data Discussions - Step-by-Step Procedure Not Currently Available
XDV-323 Creating a Liquid Syllabus to Reach the Modern Student Not Currently Available
XFD-418 Creating Substantial Change Within Our Courses Available
XTC-311 Cybersecurity: A Call to Engage All Available
XDV-250 Designing Accessible Documents Available
XDV-259 Diversity 101 Available
XTC-310 Effective Communication for all Course Modalities Available
XLM-104 Effective Meetings 101 Available
XPD-175 Empathy Available
XPD-163 Engaged Feedback Available
XPD-192 Engaging in Challenging Conversations Enrollment Closed
XVC-255 Engaging Students using Canvas and other Tech Tools Available
XVC-262 Focus on Facilitation Not Currently Available
XDV-292 Fostering a Climate of Inclusion, Sensitivity and Respect in the Workplace Available
XTC-308 Free Technology at AACC Available
XDV-326 Fugitive Pedagogy:  The Subversive Power of Education Enrollment Closed
XDV-328 Getting Ready for your Accessibility Review Full
XTC-309 Getting To Know Technology Support Services Available
XOA-165 Helio Course and Program Learning Outcomes Available
XDV-329 Implementing Engaging Strategies to Educate a Diverse Student Population Full
XDV-324 Incivility in the Classroom Available
XOA-169 Institutional Review Board (IRB) at AACC Available
XCC-530 Introduction to Colleague Not Currently Available
XPD-156 Key Principles Effective Communication Available
XDV-556 Kurzweil Available
XFD-415 Let's Chat About Chat GPT Available
XDV-325 Leveraging ESL Teaching Strategies to Meet the Needs of Multilingual Classroom Available
XSS-554 Mental Health First Aid Available
XFD-356 Nvgt New Student Opinion Form Platform Enrollment Closed
XLM-103 Operationalizing Values Available
XSS-575 QPR: Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training Available
XHR-562 Search Committee Training and Page Up Training Available
XSC-320 Service-Learning 101: Connecting Students with Real-World Experience Available
XSD-402 Setting, Measuring & Achieving Goals Available
XDV-330 Starting and Developing a Faculty-led Diversity Committee Available
XLM-102 Strength-Based Leadership & Work Prefere Not Currently Available
XSS-576 Stress Management and Self-Care Available
XDV-331 Success and challenges in making courses accessible Full
XDV-288 Supporting Black Staff Available
XFD-416 Supporting Students Reading of Complex Text Available
XPD-334 Tableau: Getting Started User Training Available
XPD-348 Tableau: What's New Available
XDV-617 Teaching Sensitive Psychology Topics Through a DEIA Lens Available
XFD-417 The Mastery Project: What's this all about?! Available
XFD-395 Training on Shared Governance Not Currently Available
XOA-164 Understanding Student Engagement Through the Lens of CCSSE Available
XDV-260 Understanding Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions Available
XDV-327 Using High-Impact Practice to Disrupt Bias in Career-Centered Settings Available
XDV-315 Using Respectful and Inclusive Language Available
XPD-347 Using the New Academic Integrity Process Available
XDV-615 What We Need to Know to Support Black Faculty Available
XSC-319 Writing a Service-Learning Assignment into Your Course Available
XPE-127 Yoga Not Currently Available
XDV-307 ¿Habla Español? How can you assist students using an interpretation service? Available
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