GCC-422 - Problem Solving
MMT-454 - Teamwork-To Build Better Teams
MNA-429 - Building Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
OPA-329 - Principles of Operations Planning
PRS-393 - Effective Communication: Public Speaking
TEC-534 - Plant Optimization
TEC-535 - Leading the Millennials
THR-455 - Spanish for Communication
XCC-534 - Informer Web Reporting
XCC-543 - Informer Reports
XCH-514 - Budget Development (CF) Trng
XCH-554 - Budget Development Training
XDV-153 - Ten Must Know ASL Phrases Assist Deaf
XDV-199 - African American Leadership Institute
XDV-237 - Supporting Disabled Veteran Student
XDV-240 - Cmty College Inclusion Differently-Abled
XDV-250 - Designing Accessible Documents
XDV-259 - Diversity 101
XDV-260 - Understanding Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions
XDV-289 - Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead)
XDV-292 - Fostering a Climate of Inclusion, Sensitivity and Respect in the Workplace
XDV-295 - Creating a Core Values Assignment for Student Success
XDV-299 - African American Leadership Institute (YR 2)
XDV-300 - International Open Access Week
XDV-301 - DEIA Narrative, Goals and Implementation
XDV-302 - Creating Accessible Email Messages
XDV-305 - Housing Today:  History, Challenges, & Solutions
XDV-306 - Incivility in the Classroom
XDV-307 - ¿Habla Español? How can you assist students using an interpretation service?
XDV-308 - How do we prepare K-12 teachers to regard their students with DEIA?
XDV-309 - Courageous Conversation Series: Judaism on Campus
XDV-310 - Accommodations v. Accessibility
XDV-311 - Student and Exchange Visitor Program and Homeland Security Investigation Unit
XDV-312 - Digital Accessibility Guidelines: Baseline Skills
XDV-315 - Using Respectful and Inclusive Language
XDV-318 - What Inclusive Instructors Do
XDV-319 - Book Club: Teaching to Transgress
XDV-320 - Book Club: Teaching to Transgress
XDV-321 - Helping English Language Learners
XDV-322 - Breaking the Silence
XDV-323 - Creating a Liquid Syllabus to Reach the Modern Student
XDV-324 - Incivility in the Classroom
XDV-325 - Leveraging ESL Teaching Strategies to Meet the Needs of Multilingual Classroom
XDV-326 - Fugitive Pedagogy:  The Subversive Power of Education
XDV-327 - Using High-Impact Practice to Disrupt Bias in Career-Centered Settings
XDV-328 - Getting Ready for your Accessibility Review
XDV-329 - Implementing Engaging Strategies to Educate a Diverse Student Population
XDV-330 - Starting and Developing a Faculty-led Diversity Committee
XDV-331 - Success and challenges in making courses accessible
XDV-332 - AACC Accessibility Overview
XDV-333 - Civility in the Classroom
XDV-334 - Basic Needs Awareness
XDV-335 - Social Capital
XDV-336 - Veteran Educational Benefits
XDV-337 - Faculty Resource Member (FRM) Workshop
XDV-338 - Courageous Conversations: LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff on Religion, Work, and Diversity
XDV-339 - Spanish for the Workplace: Top Ten Phrases to Know
XDV-521 - AACC Rainbow Network (ARN) Part 1
XDV-556 - Kurzweil
XDV-586 - Understanding Military Learners
XDV-594 - AACC Rainbow Network (ARN) Part 2
XDV-610 - Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum: What faculty and staff need to know
XDV-614 - Housing Today: History, Challenges and Solutions
XDV-615 - What We Need to Know to Support Black Faculty
XDV-616 - Caring For and Supporting Adjunct Faculty
XDV-617 - Teaching Sensitive Psychology Topics Through a DEIA Lens
XET-503 - Emergency Evacuation - Using the Evacu-trac Chair
XFD-202 - What It's Like to Teach in a Learning Community
XFD-300 - Education Department Adjunct Convocation
XFD-324 - Model Course Workshop
XFD-325 - Debrief W/Good Judgement-Nursing Faculty
XFD-327 - Debriefing With Good Judgment
XFD-347 - Model Course II
XFD-349 - ACA Lunch & Learn
XFD-356 - Accessing Student Opinion Form in IOTA
XFD-357 - DLEG (Design for Learning and Equity Grant) Q and A
XFD-369 - Undergraduate Research Journal
XFD-395 - Training on Shared Governance
XFD-396 - Shared Governance Common Read Discussion
XFD-399 - Fundamentals of Faculty Coaching Conversations
XFD-401 - Providing Student Support to All Learners
XFD-402 - Collective Bargaining Bill SB 746/HB 894 in Plain Language
XFD-403 - How to Submit Manuscripts to the Journal of Emerging Scholarship
XFD-405 - Pedagogy Exchange Discussion
XFD-407 - Testing, Teaching, and Technology for Adult Basic Skills/GED
XFD-408 - Data-Informed ELL Teaching
XFD-409 - Train the Trainers - Engagement Coaching Training
XFD-410 - The Summer Intensive Research Experience
XFD-411 - What Works in ENG 102
XFD-412 - Research-Informed ELL Teaching
XFD-413 - Book Study: Burnout
XFD-414 - Climate Change: It’s Happening. What Can We Do About It?
XFD-415 - Let's Chat About Chat GPT
XFD-416 - Supporting Students Reading of Complex Text
XFD-417 - The Mastery Project: What's this all about?!
XFD-418 - Creating Substantial Change Within Our Courses
XFD-419 - Mastery Project
XFD-420 - Best Practices for Teaching Dually Enrolled Students
XFD-422 - Accessing Student Opinion Form Data in HelioCampus
XFD-423 - The Impact of Digital Literacy on Adult Education Learners
XFD-424 - Engagement Revolution: Engaging All Learners
XFD-425 - Engage with Student in Program of Study
XFD-426 - The What, Why and How of Ungrading
XFD-427 - Faculty Experience with Journal of Emerging Scholarship
XFD-428 - Blueprint Made this Possible
XFD-429 - Model Course-Making a Difference
XFD-430 - Empowering English Learners
XFD-431 - Evaluating Writing in the AI Era
XFD-432 - Student Religious Accommodations in Higher Ed
XFD-433 - Fostering A Growth Mindset to Nurture Student Success?
XFD-808 - Tips for Promotion and Tenture
XHR-373 - Excell Performance Coaching Conversations For Managers
XLB-568 - MLA Style Changes
XLB-658 - Truxal Library Chat Service Assessment
XLB-667 - Chat Assessment Rubric Training
XLB-668 - The Accessibility Potential of Open Educational Resources
XLB-669 - Digital Accessibility in the Library
XLB-670 - DEIAA + Libraries: Cultural Humility in Libraries
XLB-671 - DEIAA + Libraries: Trans + Nonbinary Gender Inclusion
XLB-672 - Health Research Refresher
XMS-965 - Microsoft Office 365 Teams
XMS-966 - Teams Overview
XOA-149 - Obtaining IRB Approval
XOA-162 - Authentic Assessment: Beyond the Multiple Choice Question
XOA-164 - Understanding Student Engagement Through the Lens of CCSSE
XOA-165 - Helio Course and Program Learning Outcomes
XOA-166 - AEFIS Curriculum Mapping
XOA-167 - Course and Section-Level Data Discussions - Step-by-Step Procedure
XOA-168 - Course and Section-Level Data Discussions - Analysis and Use of Data
XOA-169 - Institutional Review Board (IRB) at AACC
XOA-170 - Data collection within HelioCampus
XOA-171 - Data collection through Canvas
XOA-172 - Kick-Off: Administrative Unit Assessment
XOA-173 - Orientation: Administrative Unit Assessment
XOR-100 - Adjunct Faculty Onboarding
XOR-118 - Adjunct Faculty Conference
XOR-148 - HCAT Credit Adjunct Training
XOR-202 - Math Adjunct Faculty Orientation
XPD-171 - Tableau Dashboards
XPD-191 - Math Tutor Training
XPD-192 - Engaging in Challenging Conversations
XPD-346 - RAD Self Defense
XPD-347 - Using the New Academic Integrity Process
XPD-348 - Tableau: What's New
XPD-349 - All Schools-Division of Learning: Economic Forecast and the Value of Community College Education
XPD-350 - Importance of Teacher and Student Empathy in Student Success
XPD-351 - The Power of One: Active Bystander Intervention
XPD-352 - Rape Aggression Defense System
XPD-629 - An Overview of AEFIS: AACC's New Assessment Tool
XPD-630 - IPEDS 101
XPD-631 - Student Retention Research
XSC-319 - Writing a Service-Learning Assignment into Your Course
XSC-320 - Service-Learning 101: Connecting Students with Real-World Experience
XSD-303 - Mental Health 101
XSD-366 - QPR Training Workshop
XSD-400 - Workplace and Classroom Safety
XSD-401 - Working in Joy: an Experiential Approach
XSD-402 - Setting, Measuring & Achieving Goals
XSD-404 - CEWD D1 Section Creation and Modification
XSD-405 - CEWD Instructor Tickets and Reports
XSS-554 - Mental Health First Aid
XSS-575 - QPR: Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training
XSS-576 - Stress Management and Self-Care
XTC-305 - Introduction to Qualtrics
XTC-308 - Free Technology at AACC
XTC-309 - Getting To Know Technology Support Services
XTC-310 - Effective Communication for all Course Modalities
XTC-311 - Cybersecurity: A Call to Engage All
XVC-255 - Engaging Students using Canvas and other Tech Tools
XVC-275 - Canvas How Tos to Improve Teaching and Student Success
xdv-316 - Applying DEIAA Principles Roundtable
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