Course Description

History of Homicide | Provides a historical examination and analysis of homicide. Explores the differences between homicide and murder and analyzes the different degrees of murder. Examines theories on the motives for homicide, murder, mass murder and serial murders. Studies the historical application of the law to homicide and murder cases. Explores how well the criminal justice system works with homicide and other capital crimes. Examines the detection, investigation and prosecution of murder cases including the analysis of forensic evidence in homicide cases to determine cause of death. CEUs issued. $382 includes $10 fee. Note: This course is also offered for credit as CJS 136 or LGS 136.

Learner Outcomes

Define, describe and discuss the history of homicide, murder and manslaughter; Describe and discuss the trends and patterns of homicide in the 20th century United States and among specific demographic populations; Describe and discuss theories of homicide including mass murders, serial murders and war; Describe and explain laws relating to homicide and the crime of murder; Describe and discuss methods of detection, investigation and prosecution in murder cases.
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