Course Description

Watercolor Painting: Focus on Flowers | Explore the challenges of depicting flowers in watercolor painting. Outline tips and techniques for painting the delicacy and translucency of four flowers. Develop observational, drawing and watercolor skills. $105 includes $10 fee. Prerequisite: ATS-312 Watercolor Basics: You Can Do It or permission of instructor. Note: A supply list will be provided.

Learner Outcomes

Examine a variety of floral paintings in watercolor and identify at least four techniques the artists used to depict the structure, delicacy and translucency of flowers; Practice observation and basic drawing skills to depict four types of flowers; Explore painting techniques to integrate background and foreground; Practice basic watercolor techniques such as color mixing, color washes, layering and brush handling skills, and use the appropriate techniques to depict each flower's unique characteristics; Complete four watercolor paintings and critique results.
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