Course Description

French Influence in the World: 1800 to Today | Explore the literary, military, ecclesiastical and political events in French history from 1800 to the present. Discuss the lasting French influence these events have on our world today. $149 includes $10 fee.

Learner Outcomes

Articulate the British and French colonial principles and explain how they differ; Describe the impact of the end of the First French Colonial Empire with the fall of Napoleon 1st in 1814; Explain how the principle of "civilizing mission" in the 19th and 20th century led France to establish a new colonial empire; Identify three colonial conquests of the Second French Colonial Empire that grew at its apex to one of the largest in World History; Interpret Frances protection of priests and the establishment of schools contributed to the dissemination of the French Language and culture and the French expansion of North and West Africa.
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