Course Description

Floral Design: Techniques Lab | Determine the most suitable techniques and mechanics used to construct challenging floral projects. Create competition-worthy compositions. Practice floral design skills. $166 includes $80 fee. Prerequisite: CFD certification, FLR 343, or permission of instructor. Note: Course is suitable for AIFD continuing education credit. Section 301 will cover the armature and binding techniques using “Order in Disorder” line placements. Students must bring a floral knife or sharp pocketknife, pruning shears, wire cutters and ribbon scissors. A box to carry home arrangements is highly recommended.

Learner Outcomes

Analyze an advanced design, trouble-shoot possible techniques and construction mechanics and determine the most suitable options to complete the design. Practice binding floral materials together to create structures. Identify appropriate flowers and other botanical material to be used with the structure to be created to create proper unity and harmony in the design. Name the color harmonies used and discuss proper flower placement to obtain focal emphasis, proper proportions, balance and rhythm. Demonstrate the ability to construct the arrangement and place flowers following proper design principles.


Grading: Students will receive a Y if they attend the class and a N if they do not. Attendance: Students will attend this non-credit CEWD class. Class participation: Students are encouraged to participate in this CEWD class.
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Floral Design: Techniques Lab
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12:00PM to 4:30PM
Mar 12, 2023
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Mar 11, 2023
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