Course Description

The Practice of Gardening by the Moon: An Introduction | Explore how the moon affects the Earth, the science behind it and the benefits of lunar gardening. Discuss the relationship between the Earth and the moon, waxing and waning moon phases, and how to calculate the best days for working in the garden and to perform other day to day activities. $36+ includes $10 fee.

Learner Outcomes

Define the practice of lunar gardening and the four specific times to plant during each Moon cycle. Explain the synodic, sidereal, Apogee, Perigee, and Nodal Moon relationships. Describe the Moon’s waxing and waning phases and the details of the moons gravitational pull to influence moisture in the soil. Lists the benefits of lunar Gardening and recommended plantings to encourage bees and birds to assist with pollination. Discuss ways to the history of Lunar gardening, the myths and the elements that have proven to work.
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