Course Description

Examine the current tax system and explore how the Roth IRA (or Roth 401k) can be an effective tool to create flexibility and provide more money to spend in retirement. Explore options to create a basic retirement tax strategy designed to give taxpayers an edge in applying tax rules in an organized and efficient way. $36.00+ includes $10 fee. Note: Designed for pre-retirees. Instructors do not provide advice on specific investments and neither the instructor nor AACC is responsible for students' personal investments.

Learner Outcomes

Describe the three types of retirement assets and list how they are taxed in retirement; Understand the historical perspective on tax law changes and describe the impact of recent tax law changes on Roth IRA/401k contributions and conversions; Define a Roth IRA (401k) and identify at least 3 advantages of choosing a Roth IRA/401k over a pre-tax IRA; Compare and contrast the difference between a Roth contribution and a Roth conversion; Identify 5 actionable Roth strategies and when they may make sense prior to or in retirement.

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