Course Description

History of Native American Survival | Explore the tenacity of Indigenous people from 1492 through the 21st century as they struggled to retain their culture and identity. Learn about the Iroquois Confederacy, the Trail of Tears, Pueblo resistance to forced cultural change and the importance of the horse in the Comanche and Lakota Empires. $33 includes $32 fee.

Learner Outcomes

Understand how the Iroquois Confederacy participated in 18th century imperial struggles for North American dominance; Explain how the Trail of Tears came about in the 1830s and what it illustrated; Discover how the Pueblo people resisted efforts by the Spanish to change their culture and religion; Analyze the importance of the horse in the Comanche and Lakota Empires in the 18th and 19th centuries; Debate whether Indigenous people in North America have preserved their culture and identity from 1492 to the present day. 
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