DLC-317 - Fundamentals of Technical Writing
DLC-328 - Introduction to Internet Writing Markets
DLC-329 - Introduction to Journaling
DLC-344 - Research Methods for Writers
ENL-308 - Introduction to Creative Writing
ENL-317 - Creative Writing: Beginning Poetry Workshop
ENL-318 - Beginning Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENL-320 - Fiction Writing Workshop
THT-303 - Introduction to Screenwriting
WOI-379 - Blogging for Profit
WOI-399 - How to Blog
WRG-337 - The Craft of Magazine Writing
WRG-347 - Writing for Children
WRG-361 - Mystery Writing
WRG-363 - Effective Business Writing Healing
WRG-364 - The Keys to Effective Editing
WRG-365 - Write Like a Pro
WRG-384 - Advanced Fiction Writing
WRG-385 - Write Your Life Story
WRI-310 - Write and Publish A Nonfiction Book
WRI-315 - Writing Essentials
WRI-326 - Travel Writing
WRI-327 - Writeriffic-Creativity Training
WRI-328 - Writing Young Adult Fiction
WRI-337 - Publish and Sell Your E-Books
WRI-348 - Write a Child's Book for Your Someone Special
WRI-351 - Romance Writing
WRI-357 - Writing the Fantasy Novel
WRI-360 - Poetry: Discover Your Poetic Potential
WRI-361 - Back to Basics: Becoming a Better Writer
WRI-362 - Fiction Writing: Strategies for Improvement
WRI-363 - Write a Book and Get It Published: The Reality
WRI-364 - Bullet Journaling ®: Make It Yours
WRI-366 - Getting Started on Your First Novel
WRI-369 - Poetry Part 2: Expanding Your Poetic Potential
WRI-370 - Introduction to Personal Branding
WRI-373 - Blogging for Success
WRI-374 - Exploring Poetic Forms
WRI-375 - Blogging for Success: Getting Started
WRI-376 - Blogging for Success: Lab
WRI-377 - Tell Your Story: Military and Veterans