ARA-309 - Watercolor Painting: Focus on Flowers
ARA-313 - Screen Printing
ARA-316 - Watercolor: Technique Focus
ARA-330 - Zentangle®: Dazzling Gems
ARA-332 - Zentangle®: Tangle a Pumpkin
ARA-338 - Zentangle®: Hanging Icosahedron
ARA-339 - Zentangle®: Reticula and Fragments
ARA-340 - Zentangle®: Light on Dark
ARA-342 - Zentangle®-Inspired Art: Water Lilies
ARA-350 - Zentangle®: Embedded Letters and alpha borders
ARA-355 - Zentangle: Irrestistible Winter Frost
ARA-356 - Zentangle: Hidden Meaning in Color
ARA-357 - Zentangle: Cartouche Art
ARC-331 - Ceramics I
ARS-388 - Drawing I
ART-376 - History of Western Art I
ASC-300 - Ceramics 2
ASC-301 - Color
ASC-302 - Drawing 2
ASC-306 - Painting 1
ASC-313 - Landscape Painting
ASC-314 - Two-Dimensional Design
ASC-315 - Introduction to Digital Design
ASC-318 - Painting and Abstraction
ATS-308 - Black and White Photography
ATS-309 - Oil Painting: Easy & Fast
ATS-340 - Sculpture I
ATS-368 - Introduction to Chinese Painting
ATS-370 - Soldering Techniques for Jewelry
ATS-373 - Studio Access: Drawing and Painting
ATS-384 - Pottery Wheel: Beyond the Basics
ATS-388 - Linonleum Block Printmaking
ATS-389 - Oil Painting: Water and Landscape
ATS-397 - Chinese Calligraphy: Beginnings
CFT-305 - Precious Metal Clay
CFT-355 - Basic Beading: Design and Technique
CFT-356 - Wire Wrapped Jewelry
CFT-357 - Fuse Glass Jewelry
CFT-387 - Troubleshooting for Knitters
CFT-388 - Decorative Painting
CFT-389 - T-Shirt Lap Top Quilt
CFT-390 - Introduction to Bookbinding
CFT-391 - Jewerly: Soldered Filigree Earing Design
CFT-392 - Stained Glass 2
CFT-394 - Soldered Silver Spinner Ring
CFT-395 - The Care and Feeding of Your Sewing Machine
CFT-396 - Costume Design: Behind the Scenes
CFT-397 - Mosaic Table Top
CFT-398 - Polymer Clay: Creating a Fairy Garden
CFT-399 - Bookbinding 2
CNC-325 - Metal Art Fabrication
CNC-331 - Three-Dimensional Design
CNC-333 - Portraiture 1
CNC-334 - Relief Printmaking
CNC-335 - Sculpture 2
CNC-336 - Lithographic Printmaking
CNC-337 - Metal Casting
CNC-341 - Special Topics: Public Art and Special Installations
CNC-349 - Watercolor 1
CNC-352 - Life Drawing
CNC-353 - Painting 1
CNC-354 - Darkroom Photography 1: Black & White
CNC-355 - Special Topics in Studio Art: Landscape Drawing
CRT-300 - Chalkboard Lettering
CRT-301 - Zentangle: Tennis Shoe Tangle
CRT-302 - Block Printing: An Introduction
CRT-303 - Colored Copper Fall Leaf Pendant
CRT-304 - Alcohol Inked Ceramic Holiday Balls
CRT-305 - Sewing by Pattern: Flannel PJ Pants
CRT-306 - Sew by Pattern: Quilted Jacket
CRT-307 - Bookbinding: Special Projects
CRT-308 - Silversmithing: Gold on Silver
CRT-309 - Sea Glass Jewelry: Drilling
CRT-310 - Mehndi: The Art of Body Painting
CRT-311 - Zentangle®-Inspired Art: Tangling on Tea Bags
CRT-312 - Sewing Alterations 2: Hemming and Repairs
CRT-313 - Jewelry: Textured Pendant with Rivets
CRT-314 - Jewelry: Silver Link Chain Bracelet
CRT-318 - Alcohol Inked Glass Jars
CRT-319 - Creative Quilting
CRT-321 - Deciphering Henna Designs
CRT-322 - Geometric Henna Designs
CRT-323 - Henna Party Designs
CRT-324 - Henna Regional Styles and Folklore
CRT-325 - Henna on Canvas
CRT-326 - Henna for Stress Relief
CRT-327 - An Introduction to SoulCollage®
DLC-311 - Drawing for the Absolute Beginner
WIN-324 - Mosaic Projects
WIN-337 - Beading: Earrings Extravaganza
WIS-338 - Simple Sewing Alterations
WIS-345 - Crochet Basics
WIS-368 - Wire Wrapped Jewelry: Bracelet
WIS-387 - Wire Wrapped Sea Glass
WMI-336 - So Simple Sewing
WMI-364 - So Simple Sewing II
WNI-349 - Crochet: One Project at a Time
WOI-367 - Introduction to Zentangle
Crafts and Sewing
Painting and Printmaking
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