BIS-502 - Introduction to Social Media
BIS-503 - Marketing Using Social Media
BIS-539 - Video Marketing
BIS-569 - Introduction to Data Analysis
BIS-592 - Project Management Prof Cert Exam Prep
BIS-593 - Project Management Professional PMPĀ® Prep
BNS-393 - Entrepreneur Ramp Up Ratcliffe Advising and Mentoring Program
BNS-395 - Developing a Coach Business
BNS-504 - Starting Your Own Consulting Practice
BNS-513 - Project Management Fundamentals
BNS-514 - Project Management Applications
BNS-516 - Project Management ProfessionalĀ® Certification Prep 1
BNS-517 - PMP Certification Prep II
BNS-551 - Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
BNS-552 - Administrative Assistant Applications
CMD-322 - Introduction to Nonprofit Management
CMD-332 - A to Z of Grant Writing
CMD-353 - Get Grants
CMD-360 - Marketing Your Non-Profit
CMD-361 - Coordinating Special Events
CMD-362 - Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
CMD-363 - Become a Grant Writing Consultant
CMD-389 - Building Teams That Work
CMD-392 - Writing Effective Grant Proposals
CMD-394 - Starting a Nonprofit
CMD-397 - Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials
CNC-307 - Small Business Management
CNC-309 - eMarketing
CNC-310 - Business Communications
CNC-312 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
CNC-316 - Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Expanding Markets: Cannabis Legalization
CNC-330 - Small Business Accounting
CNT-411 - Microsoft Access, Level I
CNT-437 - Microsoft Excel - Level I
CNT-438 - Microsoft Excel - Level II
CNT-439 - Microsoft Excel - Level III
CTU-340 - Quickbooks: Computer Accounting Basics and Beyond
DLC-324 - Introduction to Business Analysis
DLC-350 - Start Your Own Small Business
GCC-417 - Succeeding As a Supervisor
GCC-435 - Interdepartmental Team Work
GCC-445 - Communicating Like a Leader
GCC-448 - Thinking Like a Leader
GCC-469 - Decision Making
GCC-471 - Resolving Conflict
GCC-479 - Delegation
HRS-500 - Professional Human Resource Management
LEG-505 - Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training
MEN-430 - Time Management
MEN-435 - Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
MGM-503 - Fundamentals of Supervision and Management
MMT-468 - Change Management: Dealing with Change
MNA-438 - Goal Setting
MNA-442 - Conflict Resolution
MNA-451 - Business Writing
MNA-457 - Business Writing
MNA-459 - Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance
MNA-498 - Negotiation Skills
MNN-436 - The Professional Supervisor
MNN-438 - Managing Personal and Work Priorities
MNN-439 - Conflict Resolution: Difficult People
MNN-450 - Project Mgmt Techniques for Effectiveness
MNN-451 - Becomming an Effective Supervisor
MNN-456 - Emotional Intelligence
MNN-459 - Conversational Leadership
MNN-460 - Developing Your Executive Presence
MNN-461 - Problem Solving and Decision Making
MNN-465 - Collaboration
MNN-470 - Skills for the Administrative Assistant
MTT-470 - Project Management Fundamentals
MTT-471 - Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People
MTT-480 - Managing Customer Service
MTT-481 - Managing Employee Performance
MTT-482 - Get Organized for Peak Performance
MTT-484 - Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace
MTT-486 - Communication, Coaching, Conflicts
MTT-489 - The Art of Delegating Effectively
MTT-490 - Advanced Project Management
OBS-500 - Accounting Fundamentals
OBS-501 - Accounting Fundamentals II
OBS-509 - Using Social Media in Business
OLT-357 - Quickbooks 2016: Introduction
OPA-329 - Principles of Operations Planning
THR-454 - Dealing W/Difficult People At
THR-461 - Providing Quality Customer Service
THR-463 - Problem Solving Strategies
THR-464 - Skillful Communication
THR-466 - Embracing Cultural Diversity
WEL-516 - Introduction to Life and Executive Coaching
WEL-517 - Coaching Strategic Intelligence
XDV-153 - Ten Must Know ASL Phrases Assist Deaf
XDV-237 - Supporting Disabled Veteran Student
XDV-240 - Cmty College Inclusion Differently-Abled
XDV-289 - Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead)
XDV-292 - Fostering a Climate of Inclusion, Sensitivity and Respect in the Workplace
XDV-295 - Creating a Core Values Assignment for Student Success
XDV-299 - African American Leadership Institute (YR 2)
XDV-300 - International Open Access Week
XDV-301 - DEIA Narrative, Goals and Implementation
XDV-302 - Creating Accessible Email Messages
XDV-586 - Understanding Military Learners
XFD-395 - Training on Shared Governance
XFD-396 - Shared Governance Common Read Discussion
XFD-399 - Fundamentals of Faculty Coaching Conversations
XFD-401 - Providing Student Support to All Learners
XFD-402 - Collective Bargaining Bill SB 746/HB 894 in Plain Language
XFD-403 - How to Submit Manuscripts to the Journal of Emerging Scholarship
XFD-405 - Pedagogy Exchange Discussion
XLC-415 - Learning College: Mentor Training
XMS-965 - Microsoft Office 365 Teams
XOA-149 - Obtaining IRB Approval
XOR-118 - Adjunct Faculty Conference
XPD-171 - Tableau Dashboards
XPD-629 - An Overview of AEFIS: AACC's New Assessment Tool
XPD-630 - IPEDS 101
XPD-631 - Student Retention Research
XSC-319 - Writing a Service-Learning Assignment into Your Course
XSC-320 - Service-Learning 101: Connecting Students with Real-World Experience
XSD-366 - QPR Training Workshop
XTC-305 - Introduction to Qualtrics
Accounting and Finance
Administration and Management
Human Resources
Job Skills Enhancement
Legal Studies
Marketing: Social Media
Nonprofit Leadership
Professional Development
Project Management