PLC-366 - Immigration in American History 1492- 1965
PLC-375 - The Seven Deadly Sins: Great Books
PLC-398 - Great Conversations 2-Part 1
PLP-500 - PLP Membership
PRC-309 - The Age of Benjamin Franklin
PRC-316 - PLP Field Trip
PRC-319 - Boom and Bust: Lessons Learned/ Not Learned
PRC-320 - Evolution of the Mind
PRC-334 - Great Conversations 3-PART 2
PRC-340 - Great Decisions in Foreign Policy
PRC-355 - Raise the Flag: Nationalism in Music
PRC-367 - Music With Words
PRC-500 - Understanding the County Budget: Part 1 - Development and Presentation
PRC-502 - American and Russian Short Stories
PRC-503 - History of Native American Survival
PRC-504 - The Life and Times of Genghis Khan
PRC-505 - Foundations of Genealogy Research
PRC-506 - American Democracy
PRC-507 - The Piano Concerto through History
PRC-508 - Dissecting the American Dream: Power and Privilege in The Great Gatsby
PRC-509 - Beyond Neptune
PRC-510 - Three Economic Thinkers Who Rocked our World
PRC-511 - Pilgrimage: Sacred and Secular
PRC-512 - Hidden Minds: A History of the Unconscious
PRC-513 - Musical Friends and Frenemies
PRC-514 - Woke Up with The Blues
PRL-300 - Exploring Planets
PRL-333 - Make Love and War: 1960S America
PRL-349 - Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Global Warming
PRL-351 - Writing About Your Life
PRL-365 - The Ubiquitous Concerto
PRL-376 - Exploration of Mars and the Search for Life
PRL-515 - Life Out There - Somewhere?
PRL-520 - Presidential Elections
PRL-528 - Exploring the Rabbit Hole with Alice
PRL-532 - History of Skiing
PRL-535 - Social Polarization: Regaining Balance
PRL-536 - American Upswing
PRL-537 - Creativity and The Spark Behind It
PRL-538 - Science on the Plate, History on the Side
PRL-539 - Contemporary Economic Issues: TED Talks
PRL-540 - History of Diasporas
PRL-541 - What is Intelligence?
PRL-542 - Life in the Solar System
PRL-543 - Great Conversations
PRL-544 - Reading Orhan Pamuk: Snow
PRL-545 - Spanish American Magical Realism
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